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JD Paintball's Field Of Honor

We are committed to the sport of paintball and strive to make the experience an enjoyable one for all.   Our Goal is to provide our customers with the best in Sales, Service and Support.  Our Paintball Shop is located between Eagle River and St. Germain, West on State Hwy 70 while the Fields of Honor are located on Hwy 17 just South of Eagle River.

  JD Paintball's Field of Honor Shop JD Paintball's Field of Honor Shop  

Paintball is a game of elimination.  Paintball is also a safe sport.  Insurance statistics show that paintball is safer than golf, tennis, swimming, and many other sports as long as protective gear is worn properly.  It is incredibly fun and offers a heart pounding experience.  Paintball is the most exciting game that you will ever play!  Or Field Of Honor has seven different playing opportunities.

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Games Consist of two teams trying to eliminate the opponent before time runs out, about 15 minutes per match, or before a flag is hung ending that game.  There are many styles of flag games so repetition is never a problem!  The Speedball field offers a fast paced game of elimination with a shorter time limit to keep the action hot!  Games time are short so everyone can have a chance to stay in the game and not just watch from the side lines after a hit.
JD Paintball Field Of Honor You will be Equipped with a facemask that covers your eyes, ears and face.  A CO2 powered paintball gun that fires 68 Caliber paintballs at around 285 feet per second.  When the paintball hits it's target it splits leaving a waster soluble splat that will identify the hit. JD Paintball Field Of Honor